Heart operation
A patient at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi underwent a complex surgery to fix his heart without opening up his chest. Image Credit: Pexels

Washington: A new study has found that exercise results in improved health of blood vessels in heart, even for those who had experienced heart failure.

The research from the University of Missouri has found exercise can improve the health of blood vessels in those who experienced heart failure. 

Emter found that regardless of exercise intensity or duration, any level of exercise resulted in improved health of blood vessels in the heart.

"People with heart failure cannot do everything that a healthy individual can, so the question becomes how much exercise can they handle and what type of impact will it have on their health," Emter said.

"We found that regardless of intensity level, some type of physical activity was good for heart health compared to no exercise at all," Emter added in the study published in 'Journal of Applied Physiology'.

Emter explained stiff blood vessels can block or impair blood flow to the heart and can lead to a variety of cardiovascular issues.

"We now have a better understanding of how blood flows in the heart, the stiffness of blood vessels and the impact that exercise has on heart health," Emter said.

"Understanding the underlying science of the heart allows us to help improve the health of people with heart failure," Emter concluded.

The research findings can be useful for human medicine as well.