The crisis in the Philippines sent ripples across the expat community in the UAE. Here's what some of them and other expats had to say about the crisis.

Jeff Amaprado
Jeff Amparado, 34, a brand manager, has lived in Dubai for 17 years. He said: "As far as I'm concerned, there is only one option. There should be a proper investigation."

"If it is then proved that something illegal took place, then Arroyo should step down. If not, she should remain in her position. There are proper procedures and channels to sort out such issues."

The ethical level

Jonathan Gulmatico, 33, has lived in Dubai for six years and works for Emirates Holidays.

Jonathan Gulmatico
He said: "I have lost almost all faith and trust in Arroyo. However, I do understand that she doesn't have to step down. On a technical level, she has effectively won as she is not required to resign."

"But on an ethical level, she has not as most people will not have faith in her anymore. This is not a strong position for a president to be in and I don't envy her one bit. I had great expectations of her and feel very let down. I am very sad about the whole event and feel it has let down the country."

Janet Dickenson is from the United Kingdom but lived in Manila for 10 years.

Glory for Gloria?
The 47-year-old said: "Maybe it is about time that people started to give Arroyo a break.

"I know it all seems very easy to understand but I'm certain there are many issues and parts of the story have simply not been told. Until she is proven guilty, we should not judge. But that is difficult because we often say there is no smoke without fire."


Fana Riata, from Russia, has lived in Dubai for eight years. She said: "I think the whole affair is totally disgusting. But now, I am fed up of hearing about it. She should step down and accept that she made a mistake."

"It's not good to have someone like that running a country. Even if the allegations are false, she has still brought the country down in many people's estimation."

Lani Braga, originally from the Philipines, has lived in Dubai for 14 years. She thinks the president should be given a second chance.

"Everyone makes mistakes and now that she has apologised she should be allowed to have another go. It would be hard for a new president to adjust and it would also be hard for the people."

"Everyone is calling for her resignation but I do think it would make more sense to accept the apology."