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Chronicling the journey of two decades, Dr Mansi Suman Mukherjee, Dermatologist and Head of Medical Services at Kaya Clinic, shares the trendsetting milestones of Kaya Skin Clinic, UAE

Congratulations to Kaya Skin Clinic for completing two decades in the UAE. Tell us a bit about your journey to serve the aesthetic needs of both women and men of this region?

The first Kaya Clinic was established in Dubai in 2003. Twenty years ago, aesthetics and beauty treatments were largely confined to a few peels and laser hair reduction. Over time, as skin care and aesthetics treatments became more sophisticated, we added equipment, treatment modalities, skin care specialists, making sure to address the needs of our clients. Kaya Skin Clinic succeeded because it was receptive to the changing needs of a multinational, multicultural population of the UAE and quickly incorporated advanced treatments, technology, equipment and highly trained dermatologists to their clinic to adapt to the changing requirements of its discerning clients. We have been the leaders in this field. Over the years, our clinic continued to understand the need of different skins, for both genders, from different races. From just one clinic in Dubai, the group expanded the chain to have 23 clinics across the UAE, KSA and Oman catering to the varied needs of over 350,000 customers.

Dr Mansi
Dr Mansi Suman Mukherjee, Dermatologist and Head of Medical Services at Kaya Clinic Image Credit: Supplied

How do you adapt your services to accommodate the needs of clients?

We, at Kaya Skin Clinic have evolved over time to be able to treat different skin types. We kept abreast of the latest advancements in aesthetics and cosmetic care and incorporated all sophisticated techniques and equipment, augmenting our team of doctors to provide treatments tailored to the individual needs of the client. The clinic has advanced cosmetic skin care treatments ranging from injectables, anti-aging treatments, lasers, chemical peels, acne and pigmentation treatments, body contouring and sculpting, to hair rejuvenation and regrowth.

There is a huge craze for anti-aging treatments, is it possible to slow down the aging process and what are the non-invasive and invasive treatments offered at Kaya to slow down aging?

The pace of aging depends on two factors — genetics and epigenetics. While most of us understand that our hereditary heritage plays an key role in the way we age, we can address this with epigenetics. It is the study of how our behaviour and environment can cause changes and affect the way our genes work. Based on those principles, we provide individualised treatments. So, if I have a young 20-year-old come in for an acne treatment, we consider, her skin, her diet, and nutrition and hormonal changes to decide on the course of action.

We have people who come in for anti-aging treatments and our approach to treatment is not just filling or removing all lines, but understanding the bone, soft tissue structure and skin quality to individualise treatment and achieve natural results. A filler or injectable in the right place helps support the bone structure, soft tissues and prevent sagging. A single treatment with fine hyaluronic acid injectable treatment and improve hydration of the skin exponentially. We sometimes have men come saying they have a weak chin or jawline that affects their board room dynamics. Giving a filler to contour their jawline makes a significant aesthetic difference to their look. Different individuals have different needs and treatments always should be individualised.

When is the right time to start anti-aging treatments?

There is no fixed age when you begin treatments. The age of clients visiting Kaya Skin Clinic ranges from 20-85 years. Usually, the clinic gets women in their early twenties who come in for pre-rejuvenation to preserve their skin and beauty needs. Preventive care of the skin helps improve texture, prevent pigmentation, and slow down wrinkling.

We usually turn away teenagers who may come in for fillers or injectables. However, if a 14-year-old comes in for treatment of severe acne, I will treat her to prevent the scarring later. It all depends on the skin condition of an individual.

What other services does Kaya Clinic, UAE, offer its clients?

Apart from consultations, Kaya Clinic provides a range of services catering to various needs, including skin, hair removal, hair care, and body contouring solutions. The clinic is staffed with skilled cosmetic dermatologists and highly trained professionals who work collaboratively to address clients’ specific requirements.

Among the services offered are cellulite treatment, FDA-approved technologies for muscle building (4 to 6 sessions), fat reduction for body contouring, body sculpting, face lifting through technologies like Emface and Ultherapy. Additionally, the clinic provides treatments for pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, hair rejuvenation, and hair restoration, all of which are non-invasive. In cases where invasive treatments are necessary, an aesthetic plastic surgeon is available to provide specialized care.

Kaya Clinic specializes in skin care, cosmetic dermatology, aesthetics, and hair growth restoration, making it a niche area requiring knowledgeable dermatologists and skilled staff. The clinic prioritizes individualized care, acknowledging the diversity of race and unique skin care needs. Each client receives a tailored and holistic treatment plan, ensuring the right guidance and appropriate treatments to achieve remarkable results.