A student from Emirates International School goes for a shave for the Hair for Hope campaign. Image Credit: Premi Mathew/Gulf News

Dubai: Eight students from Emirates International School went bald to raise awareness about breast cancer.

While the presentation was happening, in another corner of the basketball court, a group of students staged the Pink Glove Dance for the first time in Dubai. The Pink Glove dance is a famous dance wherein employees of an entire hospital dance wearing pink gloves to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Students also assembled early in the morning to make a human ribbon. The entire event was organised by a student group called Helping Hands.

The Protect your Mom campaign urges students to continue creating awareness about breast cancer even after October - breast cancer awareness month - since cancer can kill at anytime. Community service is given a lot of value for students around the world.

The campaign has just introduced the PYM Trophy for community service for the school or college that does the most action for breast cancer awareness. PYM is currently running a contest wherein students could send songs, posters, videos - anything to create awareness about self exams and mammograms.

Check out Protect Your Mom on Facebook for more details. Any school or college can contact me, the founder of Protect Your Mom, at pym20101@hotmail.com for advice and assistance in organising such events.

This reader is based in Dubai

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