I am a customer of United Arab Bank (UAB) and I have an infinite credit card. We have one primary card and one supplementary card. For the last year I have been charged for a credit shield insurance on both cards.

We have cancelled the insurance multiple times since November 2015 by calling the bank customer care and they have informed me every time that the bank will reverse the charges and the insurance will be cancelled.

In spite of assuring me this every month, it has been one year and still they have not reversed the charges from the date of initial cancellation from November 2015.

I am being charged around Dh800 every month on each card and also the interest, which is added upon it. Now they are denying the reversal of charges.

I would like to request Gulf News to take it up with UAB and kindly resolve the issue.

From Ms Seema Kausar Khan


The management of UAB responds:

Thank you for contacting United Arab Bank to solve the complaint raised by Ms Khan, we would like to inform you that after investigating the matter we are reversing the additional credit shield charges for both credit cards of the customer. At United Arab Bank, we always strive to serve and support our customers and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to Ms Khan.

(Process initiation: December 27, 2016. Response from organisation: Janaury 8. Process completion: January 31.)

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