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What you need to know:

  • Should managers spy on their employees? We pick reactions from social media. 

Social media users had mixed feelings about the notion of companies spying on their employees. Some thought it might be needed to ensure productivity, while others thought it was unethical.


Abdul Wahab Shah

Mutual trust shall be made. If an employer thinks of spying on their employees it means they’re doing somehow injustice to their employees that’s why they are spying...

Mohammad Mohsin Ali

Employers should be spying on employees on the basis of [whether] given work is delivered or not on time. Projects are responsibility of employers to handing over to clients, but I don’t know if spying is ethical or not.

Deependra Shrestha

We are always loyal to our company but what about the company’s integrity to their employee?

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Razia Awan

Depends who the employees are. Some people take advantage of not being monitored. So if there is no monitoring then there should be a system in place to safegaurd the interest of the employer.

Mahnaaz Sheikh

Spying and ethics cannot co-exist.



Some companies are spying on their employees who often call in sick.