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The COVID-19 pandemic has reiterated the importance of bringing the elements of nature into our home backyards and lawns to create a safe haven for some good old fashioned family fun.

Whether your backyard is big or small, these ideas will let you enjoy the beaming sun and the starry nights in a relaxing and well-designed space just outside your door.


The main things to consider when designing your outdoor space are the amount of space available in your backyard and how you wish to use it. Do you want the space to be used for entertaining family and friends? Do you want to provide a space for your children to play? Or do you simply want a cozy area to lounge in after a long day?

Keeping available space and functionality in mind, you can decide what furniture and décor pieces you need. If you’re looking to entertain, you’d want more seating options and maybe even a barbeque set. If you’re looking to create a place that your kids can enjoy, you would want to include outdoor toys like swing sets, slides or maybe even a trampoline. For a cozy area to lounge in you may want to opt for a comfy cozy swing set or a sofa bed.


Now you’re all set to decide what kind of flooring you’d want in the space. The latest trend is the grass carpet. Grass carpets add vibrancy to your backyard and make it look livelier. The best part about this is that it will stay forever green without the hassle of watering or fertilising unlike real grass that’s entirely dependent on weather conditions and good garden maintenance. The landscaping possibilities with grass carpets are endless.

Call in the expert landscaping artists from Danube Home to create picturesque spaces using Evergreen artificial grass.


Using as many outdoor lights in your backyard can make it more inviting even during late evenings and nights for get-togethers with friends and family. String lights are always a great addition to any outdoor space.

Lighting is especially essential if you plan on having dinner parties in your backyard. The best option is having a gazebo with a dining set under it and a beautiful chandelier in the center of the gazebo roof providing ample light when eating your meals.

Make sure to install proper outdoor lighting in the kids play area as well so as to make sure your kids are safe while they have a good time playing late into the evening.


Whether you’re playing the host to grand garden parties or laying back and enjoying the weather outdoor on your own, you will need seating options that make the outdoor space functional.

When it comes to parties, the more seating, the better! Danube Home has a host of gazebos and dining sets that provide ample seating for dining and just having the best time in your backyard. For smaller spaces, invest in multifunctional furniture that serves more than one function.

When it comes to relaxing and unwinding outdoors, the best option is a sofa bed for lazy lounging. Swings are also great for a delightful sitting and swaying experience while enhancing the overall look of the space.


Apart from outdoor dining sets that make a statement while providing ample seating, you will need an entertainment zone that allows you to play the role of the perfect host. Danube Home has bar and grill counters that are perfect for any backyard entertainment area.

A garden party is incomplete without Barbeque which is why the next thing on the list is a Barbeque set that will allow you to create the best steaks and grills ever! With the many barbeque set options available at Danube Home, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.


Adding garden ornaments is important to enhance the look of your garden. These little details are what elevates the mood of the space and makes it more charming and inviting. Fountains are also a great option as they would effortlessly add sophistication to your backyard. They don’t have to be an expensive purchase that would break your bank. There are plenty of budget friendly fountains at Danube Home that would look absolutely stunning in your outdoor space.


Adding kids play equipment like swing sets, slides or trampolines is the perfect way to encourage kids to move away from their screens and get out and play. Such spaces help kids enjoy the outdoor and get some much needed Vitamin D while providing ample movement that’s good for their physical and mental development. Playing outside with your kids is a great way to bond with them too.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create a backyard garden you’ll never want to part with. Walk into your nearest Danube Home store for a garden design consultation or take your pick from the amazing range of outdoor product offerings and get creative!

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