Al Tayeb
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Al Tayeb International General Trading is the food distribution arm of Lulu Group International. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Al Tayeb operates through 18 branches across GCC and Egypt in the field of distribution and processing.

The company offers a wide range of top quality fresh, chilled and frozen meat, seafood and poultry and other FMCG products from leading producers from around the world. Al Tayeb boasts over 3,000 strong clients in the region — hypermarkets, supermarkets, conventional markets and HORECA sector among others.

With a world-class logistics system and over 250 vehicles, Al Tayeb serves its customers efficiently in the region. It boasts ISO 22000:2018 certification and other international food safety hygiene standards.

The company distributes a variety of poultry brands, such as Garden Fresh, Al Tamam, Al Fadeel, A’Saffa, Al Bustan, SAHA, Farming For You, Dana and Baledi.

Garden Fresh, Al Tamam and Al Fadeel are the brands of poultry products offered by Al Tayeb, produced using high-quality halal poultry sourced from trusted suppliers. The products include fresh and frozen chicken, eggs as well as a range of ready-to-eat poultry products such as burgers, nuggets, and sausages.

Available across the GCC, these brands are committed to providing customers with high-quality, safe, and nutritious ranges. In addition to other poultry products, Al Tayeb offers a variety of speciality products such as free-range eggs, organic eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, rabbit and quail meat, which are sourced from reputed suppliers in the region. These products are obtained from vegetarian-fed hens and free from pesticides and other antibiotics, satisfying customer needs for healthy products.