Image Credit: AP

1. Football kits are just not fashionable. They’re nylon – that is not dressy or glamorous. Just sweaty!

2. There’s no place for high heels in this game, just spikes.

3. A football match is way too long. Women know better ways to utilise 90 minutes... shopping!

4. Watching 22 people run around after a piece of leather doesn’t fascinate women unless they’re chasing the latest leather ‘It bag’.

5. Women like happy endings. There is nothing happy when the team you support loses.

6. Football involves kicking, which must hurt. What is appealing about that?

7. Every game sends us reeling back in time to when Dad shushed us every time we demanded something while a football game was on.

8. Women can’t hear themselves think for all that whooping and hollering men do from the sidelines. Annoying!

9. The game tends to get stressful on and off the field – women get enough of that already!

10. Simply because women can get jealous – football takes quality time spent with our partners!


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