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Jayson Abalos: People hate me, and that’s good

Actor says feedback on his ‘Two Wives’ character means he’s doing something right

Actor Jayson Abalos
Image Credit: Supplied
Actor Jayson Abalos

Jayson Abalos believes everything comes at the right time, including stardom. He has worked hard playing supporting roles in many of ABS CBN’s TV series, but has now come into his own after landed the leading role in Two Wives.

He talks to tabloid! about his excitement and discomfort about the new status of his career, and what awaits him next.

How did you feel when you were first told that you will be given the lead role in Two Wives?

Mixed emotions. At first I was excited, thrilled that I finally was given a lead role in a big TV series. Then I felt a little uncomfortable, thinking if I was good enough. I accepted the challenge; I thought this was the only way I could prove I deserve my place in the business. For me, there was definitely pressure because ABS CBN has so many good actors, and there were actually many who were considered for the role.

Do you know why you were eventually given the role?

Past performances. I think the creative team behind the show thought I could handle it…will do well in it. And for variety. I guess it was about time a new face was launched as a leading man for ABS CBN.

But you are doing quite well, judging from the critics’ reviews and audience feedback. Your reaction?

Very happy. I am glad that my performance is getting noticed. As an actor, you feel good when you get the audience to react the way they are supposed to. And as Victor, the feedback from the audience has been pretty harsh, meaning they really hate the character for his misdeeds. Every time I read messages on social media, it’s full of hate for Victor. I am secretly smiling because I know I’m doing a good job, if they are that affected. Even my relatives abroad are sending me messages, castigating me as if I am Victor. It’s fulfilling to be able to get reactions like that, and to know that you are being very effective as an actor.

Do you think you are now at the level of, say, Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, Coco Martin or Gerald Anderson, some of ABS CBN’s more popular lead actors?

I still have a long way to go, but I would love be at their level. They are great actors and have proven themselves to be good role models, I would love to achieve what they have accomplished.

Do you ever see yourself playing the role in real life?

Absolutely not. I am a one-woman man, the kind that devotes himself to one person, especially if already married. I would be in love with only one, and married with only one woman.

So Vicky Rushton (the actor’s real-life girlfriend) is very lucky. Will we hear about an engagement soon?

[Laughs] I guess, she is lucky; but no, there are no engagement plans yet. She is quite young and also has a career she is passionate about. I am just getting started in my career. I mean, I’m just getting there and there is a lot more work that needs to be done. We are enjoying our company as it is, and if the time is right, will take it to the next level.