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‘Tharangam’ director Dominic Arun explores dark humour

Film follows two suspended traffic constables, Padmanabhan and Joy, who take on a job

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Dominic Arun

When debutant director Dominic Arun says that his film Tharangam received a mixed response, one can’t help but be impressed. Not many directors or actors acknowledge their film’s flaws, often claiming their projects are one-of-a-kind or big hits.

However, Tharangam, with its experimental narrative, has been appreciated by film enthusiasts, including director Madhupal, known for his critically acclaimed Malayalam film Thalappavu. The director reportedly spoke to Arun for more than an hour sharing what he liked about Tharangam.

Talking about his film, Arun says: “It’s an adapted genre and my tribute to all the cinema legends I have learnt from.”

The director claims to be an admirer of Malayalam filmmakers Priyadarshan and Siddique–Lal, as well as Hollywood’s Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright.

Arun was a software professional who quit his job in the UK and decided to begin anew in cinema, solely driven by his love for films. After assisting directors Aneesh Upasana and Santosh Nair, he made a few short films before going solo with Tharangam.

Tharangam follows two traffic constables, Padmanabhan and Joy, who have been suspended. During this phase they are in dire need of money and they take on an assignment that requires them to tail a woman. She is Omana Thariyan and it is her husband who puts them on this job.

It’s not long before Padmanabhan and Joy find themselves with a body and blood on their hands.

“There is an element of fantasy woven into this dark thriller,” says Arun, who has also co-written the story with Anil Naryanan. The film’s tagline reads: The Curious Case of Kallam Pavithran.

Arun says Tharangam’s narrative needs undivided attention, and it has elements of black humour.

Tovino Thomas and Anil Verghese play the lead roles of Padmanabhan and Joy, respectively. The supporting cast includes Shammi Tilakan and Manoj K. Jain. Arun has also introduced 30 new faces. Produced by Wunderbar Films, Tharangam also marks Dhanush’s foray into Malayalam cinema as producer. The movie releases in UAE cinemas on November 16.