Hessa Bint Eisa Bu Humaid Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman/Gulf News

Dubai: The UAE aims to have the ‘largest number’ of people of determination integrated with the labour force and guarantee them equal employment opportunities in various sectors, a UAE minister said on Tuesday.

The statement follows the announcement of the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 43 of 2018 last month in support of people of determination, which seeks to enhance participation of people of determination in the national workforce.

Hessa Bint Eisa Bu Humaid, Minister of Community Development, said people of determination have a lot of potential, and part of the UAE’s vision to empower and integrate them in society is to ensure they are supported in their professional journey.

“The UAE has faith in empowering people of determination and with the launch of the Employment of People of Determination policy and its objectives, their rights will be ensured and they will be fully supported in gaining equal access to long-term employment positions.”

The policy of employing people of determination, she explained, is in line with the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021 and seeks to transition from social care to social development.

During the briefing, Bu Humaid said the ministry has adopted three main objectives, which also includes defining the obligations of government and private bodies to recognise this right.

“This policy encourages the hiring of people of determination in companies rather than [function as] setting a quota for companies. We want it to be a genuine process and we have already seen support and interest from various entities,” she said.

The employment of people of determination policy, she added, is currently focusing on key elements of protection of rights such as testing and recruitment, required work environment, organisation and flexibility of work, performance appraisal and management.

It also focuses on career development and educational opportunities, retention, return to work and training, and employment of those with severe disabilities.

“The ministry has also categorised 11 types of disabilities with detailed studies of each type which will help place employees in a larger scale of jobs and make the recruiting process easier,” she said.

Bu Humaid pointed out that the ministry’s employment portal for people of determination launched earlier this year is helping match job seekers with employers.

“We have a total of 195 people of determination and 29 entities registered with the platform and the matching is happening,” she said.

Apart from empowering people of determination to work on an equal footing with others, the policy aims to create a system for financing people of determination’s projects to help them establish their own businesses and training.