On any given day, JBR is bustling with activity, and this is what adds to the charm of the place. While restaurants are competing with each other this Ramadan to serve the most delicious and value for money iftar buffets, Seven Sands at JBR gives you a bit of both — it’s quite reasonable at Dh145.

The decor of the restaurant incorporates traditional Arabic elements such as lanterns, dim lighting and wooden structures, and the Arabic music that is played in the background, which is done especially for Ramadan, transports you to another world. Not very hard to locate, the restaurant sits on the JBR walk and offers customers the view of the beach, with outdoor and indoor seating.

Although customers are not spoilt for choice, the iftar incorporates all the best dishes of a traditional Emirati meal. The lamb kebabs were the highlight of the spread since they were juicy and cooked just right. The chicken curry, Arabic harees and the spicy fish curry that are also Ramadan classics are definitely worth a mention since it was difficult to be satisfied with just one helping of any of these dishes.

There is a salad station that has four different varieties of salad, including fattoush, and there is an assortment of buns and breads to be had with hummous and a tasty moutabbal. Diners can wash their meal down with traditional drinks; the best being the tamarhind, which is sweet and refreshing.

The dessert counter was definitely a surprise since there were almost ten dishes to choose from, with each one outdoing the other. The mahalabiya, which is served in tiny glasses, was the star of the night and the kataif, stuffed with jabin (cream) did not fall too far behind. Other desserts included Umm Ali, date pudding and kunafa, with a small selection of pastries as well.

The iftar menu changes daily and it is possible that you will not have the same dish twice, in case you decide to visit the place again.

Overall, the experience was pleasant and relaxing with enough food to leave you wanting another stomach. I know I did.

Location: Seven Sands, The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence

Cost: Dh145

Timings: Sunset9pm.

Call: 04-5516652

— Shreya Bhatia is an intern at tabloid!.