Demoiselle by Galvin has successfully become my top iftar this Ramadan. Bear in mind that I don’t like buffets or the typical Ramadan offering that much, so this stylish Bistro had me excited before I even sat down.

The iftar set menu is rich and wholesome to say the least. I loved the attention to detail they had in every course. The menu featured a selection of Middle-Eastern inspired courses but remained true to its French routes throughout the entire meal.

The welcome course consisted of dates and tahini sauce with josper grilled flatbread and muhamarra to start the meal off with lightness. Our pre-starter was a creative approach to the lentil soup. It was topped with yoghurt foam and parsley oil. We used the remainder of the bread to scoop up what was left in the bowl, it was that good.

Then came the cold appetisers, a compressed tomato and watermelon salad with a feta crumble (my favourite combination ever!) as well as a platter of garden vegetables to dip in hummus, not my favourite, so I didn’t linger too long on this dish.

Our next course was a selection of warm appetisers including lamb pastilles, a French/Moroccan pastry dish made with lamb, figs dates and dipped into tzatziki. I never wanted to stop eating those glorious little morsels. Then I got to enjoy a fantastic mushroom aranchini dipped in truffle sauce.

The main course was a selection of filling saffron risotto with pickled vegetables. I paired the risotto with the garlic butter doused prawns and scallops. They were cooked perfectly and tasted delicious.

Then came the piece de resistance, the lamb tagine with Mediterranean couscous and eggplant puree. I so badly wanted to eat all the food on the plate, but was barely able to breathe because of the generosity of the portion. But since dessert goes straight to the heart, rather than the stomach, I allowed myself to enjoy the salted caramel fondant cake, cheesecake pop, and finished off with the pistachio kunafa creme brulee.

Galvin is definitely getting a repeat visit from me.


The details

Location: City Walk

Cost: Dh199 per person

Timings: Daily from sunset until 9pm