Breakfast at Huqqa
Breakfast at Huqqa is at 50% off throughout all of July Image Credit: Supplied

Turkey is a country affectionately known for its overflowing breakfast tables. Huqqa and The Market’ have recently launched a new breakfast offering and are celebrating with a month-long, half-off breakfast deal throughout all of July. The menu has a variety of traditional Turkish pastries, bread, cheeses, sujuk, eggs and free flowing tea to go with your meal. Huqqa and The Market both offer a large outdoor terrace with bird’s-eye views of Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.

Huqqa and the Market are all about “designing your own breakfast”. The menu is full of smaller platters that you can pair together, depending on what you’re craving that day.

On the newly launched breakfast menu you will find home baked Ekmek bread, toasty Simit sesame rings and their famous Börek, a crispy Turkish cheese-filled pastry - an essential breakfast dish at any Turkish household.

Breakfast at Huqqa and The Market
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Other highlights include Beyaz Peynir, a salty white cheese and the milder Tulum cheese, made with goat milk and produced in Aegean regions of Turkey. They also offer fresh falafel poğça grilled halloumi, Turkish cream, honeycomb and also Nutella.

Turkish Sujuk is also featured heavily on the menu, since sausages are an important aspect of any breakfast in Turkey. Huqqa and the Market offer a simple Pan Fried Sujuk.

Try combining the fresh cream and honeycomb with some Ekmek bread or sujuk with and cheese and eggs.

Guests who are looking for a heartier breakfast option, can choose from several selections including a or Eggs with Sujuk, Scrambled Pastırma Tapas, a Turkish style hot tapas served with scrambled eggs, meat and pastırma, which is considered one of the best dried meat delicacies in Turkey, a must-try dish if you love meat. Truffle Scrambled Egg Simit, an Eggs Benedict Pide, the Avocado Benedict, an Aegean Bruschetta, Sucuk Halloumi Bread.

If you are really looking for a big breakfast, you have the option of going for a full-scale Turkish breakfast table. Their Serpeme Kahvalti (breakfast spread) fixed menu is a big spread that serves two people. The offering is very generous, so you definitely need a second person with you.

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At Dh240, the spread offers a basket of Turkish breads and pastries, two plates of eggs any style, pan fried Sujuk, a cheese platter, honey comb, fresh Turkish cream, variations of black and green olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, a fresh fruit platter, some Nutella and other smaller miscellaneous Turkish ingredients. During the month of July, the spread will drop down to Dh120 in price.

Lighter options include the Turkish Yoghurt Granola, Chia pudding and the Acai Bowl just to name a few.

A Turkish Breakfast at Huqqa or The Market is definitely not complete without their special Çay, a rich black tea that accompanies breakfast. There is a famous quote in Turkey, “Conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon”. Tea culture is clearly huge in Turkey. At both restaurants the tea is imported from the Turkish city of Rize, an area known as the jewel of the black sea. Their tea a healthy refreshing core element of the Turkish breakfast ritual at Huqqa andThe Market.

The details

What: Huqqa and The Market’s new breakfast offering 50% off on every breakfast menu item

Where: Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, Downtown Dubai

Price: Breakfast dishes start from Dh5 and the full Turkish breakfast spread is priced at Dh120 for two people

Timings: On weekdays, breakfast is served from 10am to 1pm and from 10am to 3pm on weekends throughout all of July.