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Dessert trends seem to come and go in this town, and these days milk cake is all the rage. The trendy dessert, which is actually known as ‘Tres Letches’ and originates from Mexico, is a sponge cake, or a butter cake, soaked in three different kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream, so you can imagine how moist and pillowy it is. The milk cake is usually served cold with a spread of whipped cream on top.

Dubai has gone a step further and introduced flavoured milk cake into the mix, including popular ingredients like lotus, pistachio as well as some flavoured with saffron, rosewater and dates.

Here are the most delicious milk cakes in Dubai:

Gossip Cafe

The high end, home-grown cafe, is known for super stylish interiors and artistic, insta-worthy desserts. Apart from their designer cakes and macaroons, Gossip is famous for their milk cakes. Choose from four flavours including rose, saffron, lotus, pistachio and plain. We highly recommend the rose flavour, if you want to have a little local influence on your dessert.

Location: Box Park, Mankhool, Khawaneej and Sharjah. Cost: Dh47.25 per slice.

Home Bakery

Also a locally grown concept by Emirati Hind Al Mulla, Home Bakery is a fashionable and modern venue serving homey and comforting desserts. Their milk cakes are served in a deep bowl filled half way with the mixture of the three milks. It’s topped with a layer of cream which only adds to the flavour and breaks up the texture. Their lotus milk cake is the absolute winner here.

Location: Galleria Mall and Al Wasl. Cost: Dh35.


The famous London brand makes delicious food and baked goodies, including a to-die-for milk cake. If you are a purist, then go for the original flavour, which they make brilliantly at L’eto.

Location: City Walk and Dubai Mall. Cost: Starting Dh45.

Culinary Boutique

This fabulous cafe-cum-culinary school was the first of its kind to open in Dubai. The Jumeirah gem has gorgeous interiors and carefully crafted food. They teach people how to cook, so you know what you’ll eat will be amazing! They serve a unique version of the milk cake, and it is lavender flavoured.

Location: Jumeirah 1, near the old Dubai Zoo. Cost: Dh55.