Here's a look at the sumptuous platter that's served in Bebek Restaurant located at Jumeirah 3

Calling all foodies. If you're on the lookout for a culinary haven in Dubai that serves up Turkish delicacies with an international twist and a chill vibe to boot, look no further than Bebek Restaurant located at Jumeirah 3, Villa 531.

Picture this – you roll up in your car, and before you know it, a valet takes your wheels off your hands, setting the stage for the A-class service that's about to unfold. Walk into Bebek, you'll be drawn into their chic interiors reflecting their mission to serve up a fine dining experience. Their service, where they help you find the right seat in the smoking or non-smoking session, is designed to make you feel like true royalty, Who said you have to travel to Turkey to enjoy a slice and more of their signature dishes that are authentic in flavors?

A look at the lush interiors at the 'Bebek Restaurant' in Dubai

But let's talk offers because Bebek isn't just about the food; it's about the experiences they throw at you.

Until February wraps up, you and your partner can dive into a Serpme breakfast for two at just Dh129 (down from the usual Dh175). It's like a Turkish breakfast extravaganza without breaking the bank. Served on a wooden tray, it’s a heaven on a platter filled with delicious serving of the fried halloumi, fried sucuk, herbs cheese, fried padron pepper and more. And did we tell you, than you can also choose sunny side up or menemen for that robust dose of protein.

Now, if you're sauntering in on a Monday, it's Ladies Day and Night. Drop a Dh100 on grub and drinks, and voila, you get a free shisha to spice up your evening. Bebek is not just about drumming up drool-inducing Turkish delights, but also providing a vibe that encourages you to catch up with your girlfriends.

What's not to love at this platter of Adana Kebab, a signature dish of 'Bebek'

Tuesday is for the gents – Gentlemen's Day. Spend a Dh100 on their killer menu, and they toss in a free shisha. And Wednesday? It's Buy One/Get One Free Shisha all day long.

In a nutshell, Bebek is not just a restaurant; it's an experience. Whether you're munching on a Serpme breakfast or puffing away on a free shisha, Bebek promises a dining adventure that sticks with you long after you've left the stylish sanctuary.

We feast first with our eyes. Here's a look at how Beef Sushi rolls up to your table at 'Bebek Restaurant'

Don't miss out – your taste buds and your Instagram feed will thank you. For more details, log onto and for those who like to feast with their eyes first, head over to Bebek's Instagram handle, @bebekrestaurant. The visual feast continues with a curated collection of mouthwatering photos that showcase the ambiance, the dishes, and all those special moments that make dining at Bebek an experience to remember.

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