I’ve high cholesterol and started the ghee therapy two weeks ago. But another health expert told me to use sunflower oil. I’d like to lose some weight around my belly.

Sunflower oil is not healthier than ghee. It is refined, has too much omega 6 and is stripped of all of its nutrients. Ghee has good-quality fats that are healthy because of how your liver processes them. They get used up very quickly for energy in your body and do not get stored like fats in refined cooking oils and trans fats in junk food.

If your cholesterol levels are high, chances are you’re eating too many trans fats or ingesting fast carbs from refined sugar, fruit juices and rice at the wrong time of day.

A tablespoon of ghee daily can heal your stomach lining, which will eventually help with burning fat in your belly. Focus on increasing the fibre content in your diet with slow carbs such as green leafy vegetables, psyllium husk, oats and quinoa instead of wholewheat bread, fruits and high-fibre biscuits.