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Twofour54 Abu Dhabi, MBC Studios and Image Nation Abu Dhabi have teamed up to produce the world’s first Arabic-language soap opera, ‘Inheritance’, and a dedicated studio will be built for the show in Abu Dhabi.

British writer and showrunner Tony Jordan (‘EastEnders’) created the series for MBC Studios.

“One of my long-held ambitions has been to create and help develop major drama projects outside the UK, this project is truly ground-breaking and I think we’ve created something really special,” said Jordan.

While the Arabic TV landscape is rife with dramas, ‘Inheritance’ will differentiate itself by following the soap opera formula — an open-ended narrative that follows multiple storylines for years, if not decades.

The show is set to film for more than 250 days of the year. The production team estimates that more than 200 jobs will be generated within the first year alone.

“Partnering with MBC Studios and Image Nation to produce the world’s first Arab soap opera is truly a landmark moment in Arab entertainment industry and cultural history,” said Maryam Eid Al Mheiri, Vice Chair of twofour54.

“The creation of ‘Inheritance’ is an indication of our region’s rapidly growing media and entertainment industry and will serve as a catalyst to inspire the next generation of storytellers to create more original Arabic content,” she added.

The plot of the series has yet to be announced.