Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Image Credit: insta/parishilton

Socialite Paris Hilton surprised her fans on Thanksgiving by announcing that she has welcomed a baby girl via surrogate, and named her London.

The star, 42, shared the happy news by posting a pink baby outfit with the name 'London' - thereby revealing the gender and name of her little one. 'Thankful for my baby girl,' the heiress wrote in the caption of the image.

After initially confusing fans by not revealing if the baby was on the way or had already been born, Paris clarified in a TikTok comment that her daughter has already arrived, writing: "My princess has arrived!!"

This is her second child with husband Carter Reum, 42. The pair welcomed son Phoenix via surrogate in January, reports The reality star also shared a sweet snap of her baby boy to Instagram Stories, proudly calling him a "big brother."

After announcing the news on Instagram, Paris took to her TikTok with a sweet clip of her nephew and niece, whom she asked: 'Are you guys excited for your new cousin?' 'You have two babies?' they inquired. 'I have two babies,' she confirmed. In the clip her she was seen holding her son. 'Priceless moments. Family is everything,' she captioned the clip.

While the news of her second child's arrival has come as quite the surprise, the name itself does not.

Hilton opened up in a live chat episode of her podcast on March 1 that she had picked out the name London if she ever had a daughter over 10 years ago. "I'm really excited for Phoenix to have a baby sister one day—named London. It's my favorite city and I've always wanted to name my daughter London," she said.

"I had actually picked that name for a long time now, probably over 10 years. I always wanted London. I love that name for my daughter," she added.

The heiress named after the French capital clearly wanted to keep the city-naming tradition alive with her kids, admitting Phoenix wasn't easy to come up with.

'It was hard to pick (Phoenix) because a lot of the cities that I like just wouldn't sound good as a name,' she said. 'Like Ibiza would be so weird as a kids' name, Vegas would be weird. It's difficult to find a cool name that's a city for a boy. Besides London, (because) that works for both,' she said.

An episode of her reality show 'Paris in Love' revealed that Paris and Carter literally told no one about Phoenix, not even their own families.

In the video Carter is seen driving with Paris in the passenger seat. She tells him: "If people found out, there would be paparazzi all over Cedar's (Sinai). I'm hoping and praying that no one at the hospital tells." "If anyone recognises me, let's pretend that it's our nephew,' Paris says, as Carter jokes, 'Can't blow our cover now, we've done such a good job."

Paris is then seen in a confessional in her walk-in closet stating, 'Literally no one knows,' about her baby. No one in this house knows. None of the people who work at my media company know. My friends don't know. My own family doesn't know,' she spilled.

Her husband Carter shared in confession: "I don't think it ever hit me we weren't gonna tell anyone. That was really Paris."

"My initial inclination was to tell my family and get everyone excited. Hers was to kind of hold the secret, but she's had to go through life having to protect herself, so I was gonna do everything I could to be a good teammate," he said in the clip.

After Phoenix was born via surrogate in January, Hilton revealed in late February she underwent IVF treatments in an effort to have a daughter.