A couple looking to emigrate to Australia
A couple looking to emigrate to Australia Image Credit: Gulf News

Fear is perhaps the one emotion that grounds most of us from taking that leap of faith. It is what has Blessica and Virgil on tenterhooks as they chart a plan for Australia but fear the complexities of the move.

Their story is the latest slice of reality that plays out in this next episode of ‘Bayat: A Solemn Promise’, with a young working-class couple who dare to dream big.

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Blessica is a nurse working in Dubai, who gets advice to visit Bayat Legal Services Image Credit: Gulf News

Blessica is a nurse working in Dubai, who is also supporting her husband who is studying to become a geologist some day. They have pinned their hopes on immigrating to Australia, where Blessica will continue to work in the medical sector, while Virgil, her husband, can finish his education and hopefully, find a job in the long run.

However, duped by a fraudulent immigration consultant in the past, the couple find themselves siding on the side of caution, wondering whether their dreams could ever be fulfilled.

A chance conversation with the doctor for whom she works, Blessica finds the answer in Bayat Legal Services, which assists people such as this couple to emigrate to countries like Australia, Canada, the UK and more.

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Bayat Legal Services helps people in UAE looking to emigrate Image Credit: Gulf News

Blessica and Virgil’s story particularly hits home with those who are often forced to step up as the primary bread earner, which ultimately puts a financial strain on the family. Expat families often find themselves additionally burdened if they have ageing parents or children back in their home country who also need a slice of the financial pie.

In such instances, couples often look towards immigrating to a country where they can put down their roots, earn top dollar and some day, perhaps plan out their retirement.

Bayat Legal Services, which is a UAE-based immigration consultancy, steps up for a reality check that doesn’t promise the moon and stars but provides a chance to achieve the possible.