A loving wife hopes to support her husband's aspirations of moving to Australia from the UAE and studying to become a geologist. Can Blessica and Vergel realise their dreams after all? Image Credit: Supplied

The trials and tribulations faced by working couples around the world are well documented. However, not much is known about those choosing to migrate to foreign lands, or the issues they face considering the topic of migration, though popular is not well researched.

The 3rd exclusive episode in the Bayat franchise, therefore chooses to spotlight the same, referencing an ideal young couple with similar hopes and dreams of migrating to Australia from the UAE.

Blessica, a nurse employed at a UAE-based clinic is a loving and doting wife to Vergel and hopes to use her hard earned money and income to support the latter's dreams of migrating to Australia for higher studies and becoming a geologist.

However, duped by a fraudulent immigration consultant in the past, the couple is apprehensive of placing their hopes on any consultant, but are quietly desperate as well in their quest to migrate and make it to Australia.

This is when Blessica is intimated by the head doctor at her hospital of Bayat Legal Services and the excellent references the premium UAE-based legal immigration consultants come backed by.

Will Bayat Legal Services be able to help Blessica and Verel migrate to Australia after all?

To know, watch the 3rd exclusive episode of Bayat: A Solemn Promise, launching this Wednesday, April 28 on the agnc3 YouTube channel and on