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Can Vikram and Zareena pin their hopes on the Citizenship by Investment programme in their quest to migrate to Canada?

The rivalry between India and Pakistan has been immortalised in modern history through books, literature and film. And the conflict, while being a constant irritant for both nations for more than seven decades, ever since India and Pakistan gained independence from foreign rule, has hurt the interests of their own citizens most who fervently wish that the conflict ends and both nations get to see eye to eye.

Since the ties that bind the people of these two nations are not ruled by the economics of trade, politics and diplomacy alone, it’s also about relationships.

Many are the cases reported, for instance in the international press of the travails faced by Indo-Pak couples who fall in love and decided to get married only to be intimated that neither husband or wife would be allowed to visit or settle in each other’s countries due to visa restrictions being imposed on citizens by the governments of both nations.

In fact so stringent are the regulations that they sometimes apply across international borders with complex migration rules binding the movements of Indo-Pak couples.

It’s precisely this hotly debated topic that gets spotlighted in the 4th and final episode of the exclusive Bayat series.

So then, can Vikram, a Dubai-based entrepreneur and his Pakistani architect wife Zareena successfully navigate the pitfalls of past mistakes and manage to migrate to Canada with their son? What is the novel Citizen by Investment programme, and how will Bayat Legal Services help the couple on their journey of hope?

This is as riveting as Indo-Pak love stories go!

Watch the 4th and final episode of Bayat: A Solemn Promise this Wednesday, May 5, launching exclusively on the agnc3 YouTube channel and