Bayat Arab episode prelaunch for web
The 2nd episode of Bayat spotlights the friction between a father and son in the latter's quest to migrate to Canada for higher studies Image Credit: Supplied

The bonding between father and son has been explored, dissected, analysed and studied in literature and film on innumerable occasions and will continue to provide food for thought considering how complex and complicated the relationship can be.

The second episode of Bayat: A Solemn Promise, the exclusive web series produced by Bayat Legal Services and created by agnc3 and Gulf News approaches the topic yet again, but chooses to view it through a unique lens, of that of immigration.

Student immigration is a hot topic here in the UAE with thousands of undergraduates lining up to immigrate to Canada, Europe and the US in their quest to pursue their higher studies and settle in a foreign nation of thir choice.

Ahmad, the son and protagnist in the second episode, is a UAE-based Egyptian teenage expat who is insistent on seeing and doing things his way. He feels he can migrate to Canada on his own steam and pursue his higher studies without any help or support from his dad Mustafa, which puts him at loggerheads with his father.

Will Ahmad and Mustafa manage to iron out their differences and reach a common ground. How does Bayat Legal Services help bring this father and son together once again?

To know, watch the second episode of Bayat: A Solemn Promise, launching this Wednesday, April 21 on the agnc3 YouTube channel and