Tom Cruise filming a stunt for Mission Impossible IV Ghost Protocol in Satwa Dubai. Image Credit: Hadrian Hernandez/Gulf News

Men in goggles, ski masks, bandanas and neck scarves: wandering through the streets of Satwa Tuesday, nobody would blame you for thinking you'd be caught in a cross between Extreme Boarding III and a John Wayne western.

In fact, it was just another day on set with Tom Cruise for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, which is currently being filmed in Dubai.

In focus: Tom Cruise films in Dubai

As Cruise once again went that extra mile for his lead role in the fourth instalment of the MI series, security staff, crew and fellow cast members protected their faces with masks and bandanas as fans bellowed and a mix of sand and sawdust filled a back street.

Three giant fans whipped up a man-made sandstorm and a BMW, carrying Cruise on the roof, sped into the unknown followed closely by a second car with a camera on top.

After each take, Cruise returned sitting upright on the car with a big smile on his face. Make-up and wardrobe jumped on the actor in between the filming to make sure he was looking his best in a blue long-sleeved suit.

The filming attracted a large crowd for most of the day, although many were disappointed as they were moved along the public streets and prevented from taking pictures of the actor on their phones and cameras.