South Korean actor Kang Tae-oh
South Korean actor Kang Tae-oh Image Credit: IMDB

South Korean actor Kang Tae-oh, who has gained many loyal fans from the Netflix show ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, has announced that he’ll be enlisting for this mandatory military service on September 30.

Kang did an online fan meeting on August 31 when he announced the news himself.

“The message arrived for me. I was called to fulfil my duty to my country. I’ll enlist in the military on September 20,” the actor was quoted as saying. “Thank you for making such good memories with me. I will return with a healthy mindset.”

Earlier it was announced that ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ would be his last drama prior to him doing his service.

On the hit series, Kang plays the kind and lovable legal assistant Lee Jun-ho, who falls in love with autistic lawyer Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin). Their wholesome romance on the show has moved fans all over the world and has especially drawn plaudits for Kang.

“Lee is such a nice guy in the drama, but I thought he could be seen a bit flat,” Kang said in an interview with The Korea Times prior to the news of his enlistment. “I did not have many lines compared to other actors, but I still had to express Lee’s emotions... Nevertheless, I believed Lee had his own role and charm. So I just tried to keep his place instead of trying to stand out.”

He also mentioned his upcoming military service, which comes after a period of great success with the show that is rumoured to have a second season.

“A lot of people ask me whether I feel sad about joining the army at this time,” he told The Korea Times at the time. “But I think it is great to be enlisted after seeing the success of my work. I have not received a military draft notice yet, but I know it will arrive at any time soon. Before I leave, I will make a lot of new content for my fans … Although details about the second season of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ have not been revealed, I would love to join the cast [if the second season is made]. Please wait for me for a while until I get back and do not forget me.”