Sudhakar Prabhu and Nadirshah
Sudhakar Prabhu and Nadirshah Image Credit: facebook /Nadhirshah

In the bustling streets of Kochi, Sudhakara Prabhu, along with his wife Sudha, were busy running their small tea shop at Fort Kochi, but their lives transformed after a leading Malayalam film director shared his video, noting his resemblance to superstar Rajinikanth.

A mighty pleased Sudha said things were all quiet till Prabhu went to see a film shooting near their tea shop.

“As he was observing the shooting, film director Nadir Shah caught a view of Prabhu. He was called upon and was told he resembled Rajinikanth and a selfie was taken," she said. Leading Malayalam film director later posted selfies with Prabhu on his official Facebook account.

"Soon the video became viral and the tea shop also started getting more and more customers and some of them ask if they can take a selfie with him and he readily agrees. We now have started enjoying this new status."

Sudha added that they all knew her husband resembled the great actor, but things changed when the director took the lead to share the video.

Superstar Rajnikanth Image Credit: instagram/rajinikanth

"For long, we have been fans of the great actor and we went to see his recent film ‘Jailor’. During the interval, Prabhu went out and there was a commotion as some thought the great actor had come," said Sudha.

Meanwhile, Prabhu, 63, basking in his present glory, has one desire which he thinks will happen. "I want to meet the great actor and I am sure, he will allow me if he hears about my desire," he said.