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How will their lives be if Lord Rama or Gautama Buddha existed in today’s world that is racing towards materialism? A simple thought in director Teja’s mind set rolling the story of ‘Sita’ some years ago.

In the ‘Ramayana’, Sita’s life goes through an upheaval after she crosses the Lakshman rekha (the line drawn by her brother-in-law Lakshman). But in Teja’s film, the protagonist Sita is a bold and strong woman who does not follow societal norms. Instead, she draws her own boundaries and for others around her too. Teja’s films are known for their strong women characters and this one is no different.

Kajal Aggarwal who has worked with him on two films earlier, is playing Sita. Bellamkonda Srinivas is paired opposite her. He plays Raghuram, an upright and honest individual with values intact. Sonu Sood is the antagonist.

“Both their roles are unlike any they have performed earlier,” said Teja.

Shot in Cambodia, Thailand, Vizag and Hyderabad, ‘Sita’ has music scored by Anoop Rubens. Sirsha Ray has handled the camera.

‘Sita’ releases in the UAE on May 24.