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Why should men have all the fun?

Probably that’s what got Tamil director S Kalyaan to make a film where his leading actress is treated like a mass hero.

From walking with a swagger and an introductory song to coolly sending a dozen bad guys flying and engaging in stunts that will leave one in awe, not to forget a foot tapping dance-song number in gaudy costumes, Jyotika explores everything in upcoming Tamil film, ‘Jackpot.’

If you have watched Kalyaan’s comic caper, ‘Gulebagavalli’, this will be another jolly ride according to the director.

When Kalyaan narrated the story to Jyotika, she was initially apprehensive of the mass image she will be portraying but soon was game for the role.

“She wanted to go for shooting the next month itself,” said Kalyaan, a fan of comedies.

Jyotika plays Akshaya. Keeping her company on-screen is veteran actress Revathy, who surprised us in ‘Gulebagavali.’

Jyothika trained in Silambam (martial arts) for six months and for a scene she performed in the rains for more than two hours.

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Director Kalyaan.

She did the action sequences without a body double.

Jyotika said that it was difficult doing the kicks, backflips and being harnessed at a height.

“Surya trained me, besides giving me a kit containing protective pads. I enjoyed working with Revathi, whom I have always admired,” said the actress.

Jackpot’s trailer shows actor Mansoor Ali Khan asking Anand Raj if it is Raghavan or Walter Vetrivel or Durai Singham (policemen characters from Tamil films) that he needs help dealing with. Soon making their entrance in the scene are Jyotika and Revathy in mass hero style riding a motor-cycle and subsequently in a police jeep.

Jyotika has been selecting roles with care and responsibly in her second innings. ‘Jackpot’ will be no different despite the commercial treatment with the trailer hinting at a Robin Hood kind of tale.

The supporting cast includes Mottai Rajendran, Yogi Babu, Mansoor Ali Khan and Anand Raj. Yester-year’s actress Sachu plays a cameo.

Vishal Chandrasekhar is the music composer. ‘Therikkudha’ a rap number sung by Arunraja Kamaraj and Lady Kash is a hit already.

Another foot tapping number is the ‘Shero-Shero’ song sung by Brindha Sivakumar with Sinduri Vishal.

‘Jackpot’ releases in the UAE on August 1.