Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino in Dubai on Saturday. Image Credit: Irish Eden Belleza/Gulf News

Actors Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino graced a special international premiere of their latest romantic drama, Exes Baggage, in Dubai on Saturday morning.

Eager fans lined up as early as 9am at Reel Cinema in The Dubai Mall to catch a glimpse of the former real-life partners, affectionately called “CarGel” by their fans.

Directed by Dan Villegas, the film is sort of a reunion project for Panganiban and Aquino, who broke up in 2006 after a six-year relationship.

The two celebrities entered the entertainment industry at a very young age and grew up together.

Their on-screen relationship started in 1999 with the youth-oriented show G-mik.

“It helps a lot that since our childhood we have been friends; we grew up together in the industry and the friendship and the love is still there even up to now that we have matured and it reflects in the movie,” said Aquino.

The award-winning actor also explains that the movie can be enjoyed by non-Filipinos. “The movie talks about love — love is universal,” he said.

“It tackles issues about relationships and pain and each and everyone of us, whatever race or religion, have encountered such emotions and can relate with the movie.”

The 32-year-old Panganiban, who has equally reaped a number of top acting awards, agrees their familiarity with each made doing the film much easier.

“We didn’t really have big challenges in the movie,” said Panganiban, who was last year’s best actress at the Famas awards for her movie The Unmarried Wife.

“We also went through what Pia and Nix encountered in their relationships. It came out natural with us portraying the roles.”

Panganiban and Aquino in ‘Exes Baggage’.

Panganiban and Aquino ended a press briefing before the premiere with a message to Filipinos in the UAE who are carrying “exes baggage”.

“Just unload whatever excess baggage you have, be it love or whatever,” said Panganiban. “It will just cost you so much. Embrace the pain for a time and then let it go.”

Aquino added: “Yes, let it go and move on.”

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Exes Baggage is now showing in UAE cinemas.