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Don Moen. Image Credit: Supplied

US singer-songwriter Don Moen will bring his songs of love and hope to Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, on December 18.

The musician, known for his contemporary worship tracks, will perform at the venue as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival (which runs from December 15 to January 29, 2022).

In a statement, Moen said of his journey: “I’m not sure how I ended up where I am today. I never could have predicted it. I attribute it to all the tiny decisions I made along the way that added up to where I am now.”

Moen, 71, has travelled all over the world — from Australia and Brazil to Canada and Ghana — for concerts and seminars.

“Music can truly change and heal the world. An evening of love, hope and music is what we need most now,” said Pragna Vaya, Orbit Events.

The singer has performed in Dubai multiple times, taking to the stage most recently in 2013.

Talking to Gulf News at the time, Moen opened up about using his music to spread a message of peace.

“Most people remember the lyrics of a great song more than any speech. Over the years I have consistently found that music is the great common denominator, no matter what the style,” he said. “People from completely different cultures and generations can forget their differences for a few moments and all sing the same song.”

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Tickets are available online now and start from Dh95. Meet-and-greet packages also available.