The Weeknd in 'Save Your Tears'
The Weeknd in the 'Save Your Tears' music video. Image Credit: YouTube

The Weeknd isn’t looking like himself.

The Canadian singer has freaked out some fans with his altered features in a new Instagram post.

We may have gotten used to the ‘Blinding Lights’ crooner’s affinity for striking visuals, including his bloodied face.

But his social media followers were surprised by his latest post, which appeared as though he had undergone major plastic surgery.

His cheekbones are exaggeratedly high and his lips look oversized.

In true fashion, the singer — who’s is famed for evading the public eye by avoiding media interviews — kept the caption on the post blank, sending his followers into a frenzy.

Thankfully, it seems that the change isn’t permanent — it’s just a part of the aesthetic for his new music video for his single ‘Save Your Tears’.

He might not be able to feel his face with all those prosthetics, but rest assured, he’ll regain sensation once all those temporary alterations are removed.