Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter Image Credit: Instagram/reallyndacarter

American actress and singer Lynda Carter appeared on ‘The Tamron Hall Show’, where she talked about her new single ‘Rise Up’, reported People.

Carter told host Tamron Hall that her late husband, Robert Altman, who died in February 2021 from myelofibrosis, a rare blood cancer, was partially inspired by the track, and that her daughter Jessica Carter Altman, who is also a musician, has “an ability to move through her music... and she really inspired me.”

“She was doing her music and she was just plowing ahead and really doing an amazing job, [but] I was stuck,” she explained. “I was completely paralysed by the death of my husband.”

“I kept running away ... going to all these places, and she says, ‘Mom, you just have to use your voice. You have to start writing again, because you’re such a good writer,’” Carter added. “And, you know, it’s the opposite of me pushing her. She was pushing me. I wasn’t the stage mother saying, ‘Oh! You can do it, sweetie. Go ahead.’ “

According to People, in ‘Rise Up’, which marks Carter’s latest single from throughout the past few decades, the star sings about social advocacy.

“There’s only one world and only one choice / We gotta speak up, let ‘em hear your voice! / C’mon and Rise Up,” she sings on the track.

“I want this song to ignite the activist spirit in every person who listens to it,” the actress said in a statement obtained by People about the new release. “We have the power to make a difference, and I truly believe that when we come together, our voices are amplified, and change becomes not just possible but inevitable,” reported People.