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BTS member V. Image Credit: Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

V, a member of record-breaking K-Pop boy group BTS, is reportedly getting his own LED show on the facade of Burj Khalifa on December 29 in celebration of his birthday (December 30).

A China-based fan club for V — whose real name is Kim Taehyung — have confirmed the massive gift in a Twitter post. “After a long period of application, finalisation, review and modification, thanks to Taehyung’s global top reputation, influence and positive personal image, we are very honoured to obtain the opportunity making the world’s first K-Pop individual artist to print on the Burj Khalifa with a stunning three-minute sound and light show,” China Baidu Vbar wrote on Twitter.

The special light and sound show will be accompanied with a water show at the Dubai Fountain, swaying to the artist’s stirring pop-rock ballad Winter Bear, performed entirely in English.

“At the same time as the Burj Khalifa’s sound and lights show accompanied by V’s self-composed ‘Winter Bear’, the dancing light show is completely choreographed and customised to Winter Bear,” the fan base explained in a statement on social media.

China Baidu Vbar has revealed that the three-minute birthday show is scheduled to commence at 6.50pm on December 29.

Emaar has also confirmed with Gulf News that a tribute to V will be the call of the hour.

Global celebrations

The Dubai-based initiative is one of many global birthday projects organised by China Baidu Vbar, including the Waterloo Station in London, among others.

From donating to charities to securing customised ads in prime locations globally, K-Pop fans are known for investing in some of the world’s most expensive ad space in appreciation for their favourite group or member.

In 2018, EXO was also featured on the Burj Khalifa thanks to their fan club from China, who go by China Baidu Exo Bar.

In October, BTS member Jimin’s Chinese fan base also secured advertising screen space in The Dubai Mall for his birthday.