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Tom Meighan from British band, Kasabian in a file photo Image Credit: AP

Rock band Kasabian has confirmed that they asked frontman Tom Meighan to leave the band after he pleaded guilty to attacking his former fiancee.

“Now that legal proceedings have been concluded, we can comment on the departure of Tom Meighan from Kasabian,” they wrote.

“No one in the band wanted this to happen. We have all worked so hard together for the pasty twenty three years and had big plans for our future together. We’re completely heartbroken.

“But we were left with no choice but to ask Tom to leave the band. There is absolutely no way we can condone his assault conviction. Domestic violence and abuse of any kind is totally unacceptable.”

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Tom Meighan Image Credit: AP

Meighan recently pled guilty to attacking his ex-fiancee Vikki Ager whilst drunk on April 9.

He threw Ager across a room, causing her to hit her head on a hamster cage. He also grabbed onto her leg and struck her on the head.

CCTV footage captured the assault. Meighan initially denied attacking Ager, but once he was shown the CCTV footage, told police he could not watch anymore because it was “horrible”.

A child witnessed the attack and called authorities to report the domestic incident.

Kasabian formed in 1997 in Leicester, England. The band is now Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews.