Cardi B
Image Credit: Insta/iamcardib

Rapper Cardi B says she is being a “grown-up” by not biting back as much on social media.

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker added she is “getting better” at not biting back whenever she is criticised online because she feels like a proper adult now she is in her thirties, reports

Speaking on SiriusXM’s ‘Ebro in the Morning’ show, the mother-of-two was asked if she cares less about the hate she gets on apps like X and Instagram and replied: “Way less now. I am getting better. It doesn’t really affect me. It’s just sometimes I have a little extra time... one thing about me is I can cut a**. I can flame a b****. I can look at you head to toe and crack jokes on your mother, b****.”

The rapper said: “But you know what, I have to grow up, I just can’t do this anymore. Because I could go all day long, b****, let me go through your photos b**** ... but no... I’m a grown-up now.”

The ‘Bongos’ star — who has Kulture, five, and Wave, two, with husband Offset — previously insisted she won’t bite her lip on social media and will continue to speak her mind online.

In 2021, whilst bemoaning criticism of US President Joe Biden, she wrote on Twitter (now X): “How they trying to impeach Biden already? He hasn’t even taken a s*** at the White House yet .This just shows me how delusional and dumb people can be.”

Cardi was subsequently told to “stay in (her) lane” and avoid speaking about politics on social media.

In response, the outspoken star explained: “This is my lane. I’m a American that pays taxes right? Are you a politician?.... No! Sooo how is this your landless more then mine?”