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K-pop superstars Exo will be taking over the world’s tallest tower this weekend! The record-breaking South Korean boy band are set to be featured on Burj Khalifa’s giant LED show on July 14.

Group of Exo fans from China, who go by China Baidu Exo Bar on Twitter, announced their successful project on their social media platforms, confirming in a translated post online that “Exo BAR will put in the light-and-sound show with Exo theme in Burj Khalifa” and that they are “very honored” to put in the project for their favorite boy band in Dubai.

They shared with Gulf News tabloid! via email that the “idea of this light show stemmed from the event that POWER, a song of Exo, was being selected as the background music for the fountain show in Dubai.”

“At the time when Exo paid a visit to Dubai, we were amazed by the significance of Burj Khalifa as the world’s tallest tower. We started the planning of this project since then.”

K-pop music enthusiasts are known for investing in this popular initiative to show their love for their favorite K-pop group and to bring the world’s attention to their achievements and talent. Exo is no different.

“Our biggest wish through what we have done is that we hope more people can get to know how fantastic male group Exo is,” they added via email.

The Exo-themed light and sound show will fall on the second day of Exo’s three-day encore concert and fourth world tour, Exo PLANET #4-The Elyxion, to be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

Burj Khalifa’s light and sound show will start at 8.10pm and will last for three minutes.

Hundreds of Exo-Ls are expected to witness this historic event on Dubai’s iconic building this Saturday.

Earlier this year, SM Entertainment’s K-pop boy band visited Dubai to watch the historic launch of their Korean hit track at The Dubai Fountain Show and to perform on stage at SMTOWN Live World Tour VI with their fellow labelmates.

Now with the LED show project, Exo’s devoted fans, loyally known as Exo-L or Exo-LOVE, may be waiting for an Exo concert next.