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Dowoon, Wonpil, Sungjin, Jae and Young K. Image Credit: Supplied

Day6 fans are in for a treat. The South Korean boy group is scheduled to release a new album on December 10.

Their fourth EP, Remember Us: Youth Part 2, will focus on the theme of youth and is a continuation of their album series, following the group’s third EP, Shoot Me: Youth Part 1, released in June.

On November 22, the group dropped a teaser poster online that showed the five members against a purple and pink backdrop with an ‘80s rock‘n’roll vibe.

Day6 consists of members Dowoon, Jae, Wonpil, Sungjin and Young K. The band debuted as a quintet with mini-album The Day, and were dubbed as 5LIVE before the addition of sixth member Dowoon in July 2015. A year later, keyboardist Junhyeok departed the group and label JYP Entertainment due to personal reasons.

In 2017, they undertook an ambitious project titled Every Day6, which saw them releasing new songs every month for the past year. They made their debut in Japan this year and have gained a dedicated fanbase, known as My Day.

The K-Pop rock band kicked off their first tour, Youth, in Seoul and performed on stage in Bangkok, Manila, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei, Atlanta and other countries.

Prior to performing around Europe starting from January 2019, Day6 is also confirmed to hold a Christmas concert, titled The Present, from December 22 to 24 at Blue Square Concert Hall in Seoul.