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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon is gearing up to release new single ‘Dessert’ this week under the persona DJ HYO.

The K-Pop star has recruited rapper Loopy and (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon, who both participated in the rap, for her fourth single slated to drop July 22, record label SM Entertainment announced.

The jungle pop genre will feature a Moombahton rhythm as she sings of wanting sweet love.

‘Dessert’ will mark her first solo comeback in almost a year since 2019’s ‘Badster’.

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The singer has been active in the K-Pop scene since Girls’ Generation’s debut in 2007. Much like other K-Pop idols, Hyoyeon pursued a solo career outside of her group activities. She made her DJ HYO debut in 2018 with first single ‘Sober’.

She recently took part in Mnet’s music competition programme ‘Good Girl’ where she showcased her talent as a soloist.