Louaine Gicano and Jela Llanos. Image Credit:

Hundreds of dedicated EXO fans, who go by EXO-L or EXO-LOVE, were eagerly waiting to watch the launch of EXO’s Korean song Power at the Dubai Fountain Show on January 16.

Fans of all ages were seen holding EXO’s official fandom light sticks and banners, which read ‘EXO are our POWER’ and ‘We waited too long, Because That’s Love’ to show their support for the record-breaking K-pop group.

As soon as the clock struck 5.30pm, fans couldn’t hold their excitement and were found screaming and singing along with EXO’s EDM track from their fourth album, The War, while Power played at the world’s largest choreographed fountain system.

“We wanted to see EXO because it’s rare for K-pop to go here and EXO introduced me to K-pop,” said fan Louaine Gicano.

Shoyneil Totiano had been waiting since 3pm with other fans in order to catch a clear view of the fountain and a glimpse of the K-pop stars. “We love you so much, we came earlier at the airport to see you guys there but unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture. Hi Sehun, we love you!” Shoyneil Totiano added.

Ozgu Yildiz, another young fan, had many reasons to be part of this historic event.

“They’re humble, they’re the kings of the third generation of K-pop. They’re amazing, they’ve been so strong, they lost three members. They were two sub units, they were split up, now they are a part, but they are still together. We are one, EXO,” she said.

EXO are unquestionably one of the reasons for the growth and popularity of K-pop in the Middle East.

“They were the first group I actually learned about in K-pop and they got me into K-pop, so they have that impact on me,” said a fan.

Gicano also mentioned that she learned “how to read Korean because of the K-pop”.

This may prove that despite the language barrier, K-pop is a cultural force gravitating towards the market.

Suho, the band’s leader, mentioned at a private press conference that there will be an SMTown concert in Dubai this year but the date is yet to be confirmed.