190113 Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa Image Credit: Reuters

Singer Dua Lipa has revealed her upcoming album is based on her own diary extracts, making it her most personal music to date.

Lipa has spent two years working on her third studio album.

She says she needed the time to gain “perspective” on her writing about “incidents” that she had written down in the heat of the moment, mirror.co.uk.

Speaking this week, Lipa said: “Most of the album was intimately in diary form, so I write about things when they happened. “I think how you feel about something 24 hours after an incident has happened – and then when you look back at it two weeks, a month, later – your perspective completely changes.”

“So I think it’s important to always take a bit of a breather from something, look back on it, and then be, like, ‘All right, I’m ready’.”

Admitting the writing process had been “quite long”, with as many as 97 songs to pick from, she added: “When I write albums, I have to kind of get through a bunch of s**t ideas to get to the ones I feel are special. I feel like now I know where I’m heading.”

The ‘New Rules’ singer went on to say she is enjoying a fresh start with a “whole new era and a new sound.”

Her first single from the album, 'Houdini', is about catching an admirer’s eye in a club and leaving without saying goodbye.

Discussing the song on US radio, Lipa said: “I’m like Houdini at the end of the night at the club. The whole idea of it is it’s Houdini in the sense of, ‘OK, there are too many red flags here. I have to see those red flags for what they are, and not be like, ‘Oh, actually, I’m sure it can change…’ What are my red flags? Gosh, it could be anything from chewing and talking with your mouth open, to little ankle socks.”