Some K-Pop groups are masters when it comes to dark concepts while others have had a hand in it in some of their discographies and never fail to produce infectious songs and visually aesthetic music videos. Get into the spooky mood with these K-Pop songs and eerie, horror-inducing music videos that will absolutely give you and your friends the chills on the spookiest day of the year:

1. VIXX — Voodoo Doll

There’s no Halloween playlist without some VIXX. The six-member act — N, Hyuk, Ravi, Leo, Ken and Lee Hong-bin — has been treating fans with horror-themed songs throughout their career and Voodoo Doll may be the creepiest of them all. The music video was filmed in the style of a horror movie and will make you squirm with its graphic imagery.

2. Speed — Zombie Party

Before they disbanded, boy group Speed released an anthemic, Halloween-inspired song perfectly suitable for the scariest day of the year. With its dark visuals and the group’s in-sync zombie dance moves, their music video is bound to give you goosebumps.

3. F(x) — Dracula

f(x)’s track Dracula from their 2015 Red Light album fits the bill for a haunted house party. No Halloween is complete without SM Entertainment’s explorative group with members Luna, Victoria, Krystal, Sulli and Amber. Watch out for the scream!

4. Dreamcatcher — Chase Me

Their distinct approach to music and signature dark concept has made them one of the most unique new female groups in K-Pop music. They bring a dark, intriguing energy with visually alluring, yet at times, creepy imagery, especially in their debut Chase Me music video. Adding Dreamcatcher’s pop-rock track is what completes your Halloween playlist.

5. Btob — Thriller

The ballad kings may know how to bolt out high notes, but they also know how to spook things up with their 2013 track Thriller. Btob showed their darker side with some dark make-up, glowing eyes and sharp, haunting dancing. The music video has the all the Halloween-themed elements bound to knock your socks off.

6. Monsta X — Shoot Out

Monsta X’s fierce and edgy track Shoot Out from their newly-released album Take.1 Are You There? is the epitome for every Halloween party playlist. While the song incorporates rock and futuristic styles of music, their dark clothing, angst-fuelled choreography and bewitching music video is a treat for the eyes.

7. SHINee — Married to the Music

SHINee’s Married to the Music is made for Halloween. Inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the music video is a bit of a horror movie. It’s spooky and hilarious at the same time. Members are seen losing body parts throughout the music video, making it visually appealing and creepy all at once.