K-pop idol Jungkook loves Indian butter chicken
K-pop idol Jungkook loves Indian butter chicken Image Credit: Instagram/BTS bighit official and Gulf News archives (right)

On Monday, Indian BTS fans were in for a delightful surprise. During a live interaction with fans, the band’s golden maknae (youngest member) Jungkook expressed his love for an Indian dish – butter chicken with naan (a type of flatbread).

In his live video on Weverse, an online community for K-pop fans, the 25-year-old singer said: “You asked if I had ever eaten Indian food. I suddenly remember that… was it chicken makhni? It’s that kind of curry.

“You know naan? You dip it in the curry and eat it. I really like it. The bread looks like a triangle like this,” he added, as he drew an invisible triangle in the air with his fingers.

“Tearing it [the bread] like this and dipping it in curry and eating it with meat. Oh God, I want to eat it so bad. It would be delicious….”

The singer managed to work up an appetite by describing the dish. “Oh, I’m hungry. I’m starving. Please don't talk about food. I beg you," he added.

Indian fans were ecstatic, while fans from other countries tried to find out more about the dish.

Youtube user @chimmy0007 posted: “Bro the way he said ‘chicken makhani’ and ‘naan’ is soo cute … and no doubt he enjoyed eating that.”

Another fan, @najmashaikh5512 commented: “Feeling beyond proud to be an [Indian] army. Meanwhile, me to Google: ‘How to make chicken makhani and naan?’.”

“Now chicken makhni is my favourite and I will eat it day and night,” posted @user-dx5ce2le1k with laughing emojis.

And @Jeonsuaxx_ wrote: “Now, Chicken Makhani and Naan will be trending in Korea… By the way, I also want to eat.”

Want to make the dish at home? Here’s a recipe.

This is not the first time that the BTS gang has shared their love for Indian cuisine. During a previous Weverse session, Jimin had mentioned his love for biryani, a spiced Indian dish made of rice and meat.

A 2021 viral video also shows the BTS members eating naan and paneer or a cottage cheese curry.