William Shatner speaking at the Middle East Film and Comic Con press conference on Friday Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

William Shatner will write a book about his friendship with Leonard Nimoy, he told reporters in Dubai on Friday.

Nimoy, who died on February 25, was a veteran of sci-fi cinema, known around the world as the character Spock in the original Star Trek franchise. Shatner was his Captain Kirk.

Shatner left some in tears at the Middle East Film and Comic Con press conference when he was asked whether he would work with Nimoy’s son, Adam, on the documentary For the Love of Spock. He said he would help Adam however he could, but was working on his own project, as well.

“I’ve been asked to write a book about it, and I think I will,” he said.

“Leonard and I knew each other for many, many years, and one of the aspects of having a long relationship is, you validate the memories [you share]. ‘Do you remember when we kick the tyre of the car?’ But the two of you would validate each other. ‘Yeah, that was fun, but you had to be there.’ When someone dies that is a friend of yours, all those memories begin to shimmer and slide away, because you think, ‘Did we kick that tyre or did we not?’ and you have nobody to validate it, and gradually the memories evaporate.

“That’s one of the tragedies of a friend of yours dying. Friendship has multi-levels of meanings — old friendships, particularly. That’s the area I would examine in the book.”

Shatner also spoke about rumours that he would have a part in the upcoming Star Trek film.

“JJ Abrams, the director of the first two Star Trek movies ... asked me if I’d be interested in being in the films, so I said, ‘Of course, but I want to do something functional.’ He said, ‘Of course, but don’t tell anybody that we’re talking about this,’” said Shatner.

The day following their conversation, Shatner flew into Los Angeles and spoke to reporters who had already known he was to be in the upcoming films. Abrams initially thought Shatner spilled the news, but Shatner suggested it might have been director Robert ‘Bob’ Orci. According to Shatner, Orci was fired the following week.

“A whole new thing began. Whether it’s a new script, I don’t know. But there’s a mysterious, terrible thing that happens if you’re connected,” he said.