Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Image Credit: insta/lindsaylohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan loved "chicken" and "beets" while she was expecting her first child.

The Parent Trap star and her husband Bader Shammas had son Luai earlier this month and she explained her strange diet in the lead-up to the birth, reports


She said: "I never used to drink Gatorade, but being pregnant, I craved Gatorade. That's been a weird craving. I've also craved different teas that I haven't had forever, or a cup of cold milk randomly.”

“I'm not a big junk food eater, but I would randomly get a craving for strawberry Pop-Tarts. And beets! I would crave beets all the time. I would have a lot of chicken and beets," she told Vogue.

While Lindsay's style didn't change much during her pregnancy, the Mean Girls actress couldn't wait to bounce back into shape.

She said, "For my maternity style, I've been wearing similar things - everything I would normally wear, I'll just get the bigger sizes. I'll get something from The Row, but I'll get it oversized. Or a T-shirt from the Frankie Shop, but oversized. Because I still feel like me - just with a growing belly!

Lindsay added, "I haven't really worn anything short. Post-birth, maybe I'll be able to wear some more fitted, structured pieces. That will be fun to get into again - to get back into the more fun fashion game. Some corseted pieces."

"I also haven't been able to go to fashion week in a long time - Paris or Milan Fashion Week - so just to wear designer pieces again will be really exciting. I have not been able to wear my Alaia dresses this summer, which I usually live in."

The star has returned to acting, starring last year in Netflix’s Falling for Christmas, and on the streaming service’s upcoming romantic comedy Irish Wish.