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Kim Kardashian has been accused of cultural appropriation once again after images from a recent photoshoot drew flak on social media.

In the pictures, Kardashian is seen wearing earrings that feature the word ‘Om’, designed in the traditional Devanagari script. The symbol is considered sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism.

In the images, Kardashian is seen lounging on a scarlet-hued bed, wearing a red figure-hugging dress and a contrast jacket. Her hair appears braided in the pictures, with oversized dangling earring featuring the word ‘Om’.

The response on the images was largely negative, with several people taking objection to the reality star using a sacred symbol as a fashion accessory.

“Is now a good time to mention that the Om is a sacred symbol to Hindus and not just an accessory?,” questioned Twitter user Riya Sen.

User Niyati Sharma posted: “Stop cultural appropriation of Indian culture!!! What’s up with those earing girllll???”

“Take those earrings off they’re not aesthetic,” wrote another.

However, not everyone found themselves offended by the jewellery.

“If the Om can be worn around the neck why can’t it be worn as an earring? People taking a swing at Kim here are just doing some sort of propaganda to get Hindus to be branded as intolerant, which hindus are absolutely not,” posted Pinaki Datta.

Dipti Narayan agreed, stating: “What’s there to be offended about? Don’t we Hindus wear the same Om sign across our necks and ears as accessories? Why the hypocrisy? So much brouhaha about nothing.”

While Kardashian has yet to respond to the scandal brewing, this isn’t the first time she has been accused of cultural appropriation. In 2019, her shapewear line came under fire for being called ‘Kimono’. After accusations came flying her way, with the mayor of Kyoto also taking offence to her line being named after a garment worn by men and women in traditional Japanese society, Kardashian renamed her brand Skims.

The mother of four recently announced that her family had battled COVID-19 in 2020 after her son Saint was infected by a kid in school. Kardashian is currently in the midst of a divorce from Kanye West.