Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx
Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx Image Credit: Reuters

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is "not 100 per cent" better despite recent outings after suffering from a mysterious medical condition.

Family, friends and fans of the 55-year-old 'Django Unchained' star have been worried since April after he was hospitalised following an identified medical condition. Foxx still has some recuperating to do after his recent health scare.

"Jamie is doing so much better and he's starting to feel like himself again. He's not 100 per cent and is still taking things easy, but he's definitely on the road to recovery," a source exclusively told Us Weekly. The insider added that Foxx "has a huge support system around him and his friends and family are making sure that he doesn't take on too much."

Although the Oscar winner is continuing to lay low while recuperating, the source noted that Foxx is "feeling really good and is excited to get back to work once the time is right". Foxx's health collapse was said to have occurred while he was working on the film 'Back in Action', and he required an extensive hospital stay and attendance at a physical rehab centre.

The actor was recently spotted smiling and waving at fans and even threw up a peace sign while cruising down the Chicago River on a boat over the weekend. While many fans praised the actor's return, others still were running with the bizarre theory that it is, in fact, his body double, mirror.co.uk reported.

Earlier, his daughter Corinne revealed her dad had suffered a "medical complication". Discussing the 'Ray' actor's health, a source told People magazine this week: "He is getting the best care and working hard to recover right now, but he is still not himself."

The source further stated that those close to Foxx remain tight-lipped about his health, with them telling the outlet recently: "He has the tightest circle around him".