Filmmaker Mike Flanagan
Filmmaker Mike Flanagan Image Credit: Shutterstock

Horror expert Mike Flanagan revealed that an earthquake sparked the idea of creating a horror movie based in the Star Wars universe and we need it on our screens now.

Flanagan, known for directing horror films like ‘Doctor Sleep’, ‘Oculus’ and ‘Gerald’s Game’ and more recently ‘Midnight Mass’ on Netflix, posted to Twitter that he had woken up to an idea for what could be his newest film: a Star Wars horror flick.

“Got woken up by the earthquake this morning, sat there for a few minutes just thinking “I’d really love to make a horror movie in the STAR WARS universe,” tweeted Flanagan.

Fans were quick to tag Disney in the tweet in an attempt to get this project off the ground.

Actor Rahul Kohli, who stars in Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’, replied to the tweet, writing, “Ohhhhh you’ve been reading my diary”, also posting a picture of a mutated storm trooper in what looks like a horror setting.

Flanagan is currently working in post-production for his next Netflix series ‘The Midnight Club’, an adaptation of the 1994 Christopher Pike young adult novel os the same name.