Chris Rock Image Credit: REUTERS

Chris Rock is on tour, and does it surprise anyone that the provocative stand-up comic has some thoughts about President Donald Trump?

At a performance on Sunday night in Richmond, Virginia, Rock mused about the unpredictability of living in the Trump era. “I fell asleep for the past two hours. Did I miss anything?” he asked, per an audience member. “Nowadays, you go to sleep and wake up a few hours later and find out, ‘Donald Trump sold North Carolina!’”

Good luck finding a video from the show — phones were banned, and audience members had to keep their devices in locked pouches during the performance.

Although clearly no fan of Trump, Rock seemed to think that maybe he’s just the president America deserves.

“Donald Trump is America’s natural state,” he said. “Barack Obama was an aberration. Barack Obama was like that hot girl in college you couldn’t believe was getting with you.”