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DC are you listening? Amber Heard loved her role of Mera in Aquaman and hopes she gets to work with other female DC Comics superheroes in the future.

“There’s definitely a demand for it. So we just need to keep yelling for it. There is a lot of room for shared time. Shared screen. Shared pages with so many versions of females out there. It’s about time we have more,” Heard told

She did not expect a superhero movie would resonate with her “core principles” until the role of a “warrior queen” was pitched to her.

“They had me at sword and a crown. Zack Snyder and I spoke on the phone and I did not really think a comic book (film) would be something that would be appropriate for me. I did not really... knowing nothing about the comic book world, knowing nothing about the universe, I did not really have any reason to feel like that would resonate with my sensibilities or my core principles,” she added.

“I had a limited experience, limited exposure to women in that world and then... he explained this warrior queen to me and I thought, again, sword and a crown? OK!”